LinoWorld, an island with a couple of very nice buildings has been added to Kratanien. Although it’s exact location remains unclear, word has it that it is located about 3km north-west of Kratania City. Big thanks to MadroxxLino for supplying his builds to enrich our server.

LinoWorld is now part of Kratanien!

Kratanien now features a previously not present biome: Ice Plain Spikes! Not much is known about it aside that it is located more than 2km north of Kratania City.

Added Ice Plain Spikes Biome

Deployed EasyCarts version 1.4 on the server. Minecarts will not collide with animals, monsters or NPCs on the track any more. Lower level treasure mobs are a little bit faster now. Treasure mobs will now drop significantly better items. No more leather drops. Adjusted drop rates for mobs. Low level […]

New EasyCarts version and balancing adjustments

Lowered hunger sprint-exthaustion from 0.8 to 0.7. Boss in MobArena doesn’t place obsidian bombs anymore, because they always damaged the arena, no matter the protection settings.

Update 28.04.2015

We have made some tweaks to the server: Treasure mobs now drop significantly more XP! Treasure mobs difficulty now increases more if multiple players enter the same location. The following changes have been made to the MobArena “Scorpion”. Less monsters will appear overall. With three or more players, there were just […]


Kratanien 2015 is finally feature-complete and launched on 07.04.2015. IP:

Kratanien 2015