The aim of Kratanien is to provide a fun experience to all players. This includes giving players as much freedom as possible. However, even in Kratanien some rules apply, so let’s have a look at what’s allowed and what isn’t:

 Strictly forbidden:

  • §10: Cheating in any form.
    • No x-ray, hacked clients, flying mods, invisibility, forcefield, the list goes on and on. The server administrators have ways and means to neutralize cheats and detect cheating players. Kratanien has a zero-tolerance policy against cheaters. Cheaters will be permanently banned after the first time they cheat and not receive any warning or second chance.
  • §11: Heavily insulting other players.
    • We know a battle can get quite heated sometimes and you might be frustrated if someone kills you. While swearing once in a while won’t get you banned, you shouldn’t overdo it and overall keep a respectful tone towards other members. This isn’t League of Legends.
  • §12: Building inappropriate structures.
    • These include swastikas, genitals and other buildings that might be racist, homophobic or insulting. Also, no 1 block wide dirt pillars. If you need to protect yourself from monsters by building such a tower, please destroy it after you are safe.
  • §13: Destroying public property.
    • All cities and public property like the national railroad are protected. However, due to the size of the server, if you happen to encounter public property that isn’t protected, please inform the server admins.
  • §14: No pulsating redstone circuits.
  • §15: If you find bugs, report them at the Bug Tracker.

 Explicitly allowed:

  • §1: You have the right to kill other players.
    • Kratanien is a competitive server and PvP is disabled in cities and other settlements. However, out there in the wild, you’re on your own.
  • §2: You are allowed to destroy other player’s property.
    • Players can buy (of course only with in-game money) chunks of land with the “/f claim o” command. Claiming land as your own will protect it from any damage. If someone still manages to steal your belongings or destroy your home, it’s your fault for not protecting it properly.