Download Client

Here you can download the modded minecraft client for Kratanien. You don’t necessarily need this client as vanilla minecraft will work just fine. The client does however include a set of mods like OptiFine and Shaders mod to enhance the default minecraft client.

Note that you need the password to extract the archive. You can obtain the password from the staff.

Follow these instructions to install the Kratanien Client:

  1. Start your normal Minecraft 1.11.2 version at least once if you haven’t done so yet.
  2. DOWNLOAD the client.
  3. Extract the contents of kratanien_client_1.11.2.7z to your minecraft directory. On Windows, you can find it in %APPDATA%\.minecraft. You can overwrite all files in your folder.
  4. Create a new profile in your Minecraft Launcher.
  5. Name the profile “Kratanien 1.11.2” and set the version to “1.11.2-LiteLoader1.11.2-1.11.2-forge1.11.2-” as shown in the image below.
  6. Optional: Enable advanced settings in profile and increase the maximal RAM usage by the client to e.g. 3GB as seen in the second image below.
  7. Select the profile before clicking the play button.
  8. Enjoy