What is Krataniens address?

  • play.kratanien.de (not .com like on this website)
  • play.kratanien.de

How can I play on the server?

  • Kratanien is a white-listed server. You will need to write an email to admin[at]kratanien.com in order to get white-listed.

What is Kratanien?

  • Kratanien is a Minecraft Server that focuses on adventure, exploration and fun gameplay by extending the vanilla Minecraft gameplay.

What features does Kratanien have?

  • All vanilla Minecraft 1.11.2 features work normally.
  • Kratanien includes far too many features to fit in this FAQ, so please check the features page for more information.

Do you have a Teamspeak server?

  • Yes, we do. In your Teamspeak client, connect to: play.kratanien.de:9977

Is Kratanien free, how does it finance the server costs?

  • Kratanien is 100% free for all players. Neither do you need, nor do you have an option to donate anything in order to experience all of Kratanien.
  • The server costs are being covered by the administrators.

 What version of Minecraft is Kratanien running right now?

  • Kratanien is currently running a Spigot build of Minecraft 1.11.2.