Minecraft Village & Pillage
Hello everybody. As some of you may know, Mojang will release Minecraft 1.14 somewhen in the probably not too distant future. Since 1.14 is going to introduce many blocks, change the world generation and especially alter the way villages are created, we won’t be able to update our current map […]

About the future with Minecraft 1.14

Citizens of Kratanien! The server has been successfully updated to Minecraft 1.12.2. Enjoy the latest installment of the game in Kratanien. We’re especially interested to see how you’ll utilize the new Terracotta decoration blocks for your creations. See you out there, happy building and treasure hunting!

Kratanien updated to 1.12.2.

Good news, citizens of Kratanien! We have just completed and added one of our largest updates to Kratanien so far. As some of you may know, many ruins and locations that contain random treasures are placed all over the world of Kratanien. With this update, the contents of the treasure […]

Huge treasure update is here!

Hello folks, Kratanien has been successfully updated to 1.11.2. As usual, we have also updated the world, thus you will also be able to find Woodland Mansions. If you notice any problems, please report it in the Bug Tracker.

Kratanien updated to 1.11.2

Hello folks, Kratanien is now running on a brand new server, featuring an Intel Core i7-6700, 16GB RAM and two SSDs (RAID 1) for maximum read performance. The new Kratanien server is connected to the internet with 1GBit/s (Up- and Download). This will allow all your chunks to be delivered to you as […]

Brand new server for Kratanien

Greetings, fellow Kratanians. We’ve added a brand new house to Kratania City. Of course, like almost every building in Kratanien it’s not just for decoration but has a certain purpose. Make sure to pay their inhabitants a visit. You might learn something new or discover unknown aspects of Kratanien. Enjoy.

Built a new house in Kratania City

Hello again fellow Kratanians. An abandoned house has been found south-west of Kratania City. Some say there’s a treasure chest hidden inside. If this is true, it will be guarded by some monsters, so you better watch out. If you want to search for it, make sure to bring a […]

Abandoned house found

Hello fellow Kratanians! Check out our newest server addition, the sacred place called Mariejois. Look east of Kratania City and you won’t be able to miss it. Unlike the Red Cyclops this place is safe to enter. Like with many other locations in Kratanien, Mariejois has some secrets to be discovered, […]

Can you enter Mariejois?

Kratanien now features a regularly regenerating mining world. It is seamlessly integrated into the main mine in Kratania City. Just visit the mine and give it a try. When the mine regenerates, it will do so with a different seed every time. Happy diamond hunting everyone!

Regenerating Mining World

A new, challenging treasure location was found in eastern Kratanien. Citizens call it “The Red Cyclops”. No adventurer has yet explored all of its secrets, but the place is rumored to feature vast amounts of treasure. Have fun exploring and hunting, but be careful! You’ve been warned.

Added new treasure location: Red Cyclops!