Huge treasure update is here!

Good news, citizens of Kratanien!

We have just completed and added one of our largest updates to Kratanien so far. As some of you may know, many ruins and locations that contain random treasures are placed all over the world of Kratanien. With this update, the contents of the treasure chests have been severely improved. But that’s not all. The procedurally generated mobs guarding those treasures now wear significantly better items, weapons and armor. And if you’re lucky enough, those monsters and bosses will drop one or more of their items. All the items are unique and cannot be obtained in vanilla Minecraft gameplay.

However, we’ve carefully balanced the items to fit in the normal vanilla Minecraft play style. So don’t worry, there are no overpowered weapons or armor pieces. This update will add more variety to the gameplay. Some items will allow you to move faster, but provide less protection. Some weapons may do more damage, but swing slower etc. Another goal of this update is to make the lategame of Minecraft more challenging and rewarding. Overall we have added more thanĀ 170 unique items. Thus we suggest you to go out, get those monsters andĀ find out what you get.

Happy treasure and monster hunting!